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Hello and welcome to the Pheonix Feather!


Thats right. Go to and vote for us! The voting hasn't begun yet, but I will notify you all when it has! I will also soon put up a button for you to clikc on so that it sends you directly to the voting place!

JUST A LITTLE NOTE: Hey evryone I would like you all to remember to email Why you luv Hp and the New Hogwarts houses you create to Bri or Kim because no one has been and its slowing us down quite a bit! Pleez send them! Also remeber to make up your own BB flavors and sign the geustbook!

THE 5TH BOOK! In the latest isssue of People Rowling has reportedly said in an interview that the Order is closer then people think. She tells us that Order might come out during the holidays. Keep your fingers crossed!

To the right is one of the 5 theater posters. Of course, we chose we the cutest one ; ) Don't forget to be at your local theater on November 15th decked out in Hogwarts and Gryffindor ourfits or whatever!

The Poll Results!
The results are in! Looks like its a tie!

Do you think Cho and Harry will ever get together

Yes 38%

No 38%

Maybe 23%


I (Bri) got an email from TKWheeler and I thought that the information that I sent back mght be helpful to you people too! I am going to copy and paste the email and my reply.

Hey in the first movie I found alot of things wrong with harry. Well for starters his hair is black,not brown like in the movie. Two hishair is not that messy like it should be. And three in the book harry's eyes are GREEN not BlUE. Why is harry's chariter not like the books discreption?
Biggest Fan

ok, the only thing I can answer that I KNOW is true is the eye color. Daniel Radcliffe has blue eyes so they gave him contacts to wear for the movie. But, sometime during filming, the contacts infected Dans eyes somehow so his doctor said he could not wear them anymore and of course they couldn't re-cast him. about his hair color, o well. and about his messy hair, I can bet you that J.K.Rowling did not picture Harry with bed hair the whole time, she was just saying that it was floppy and fell into his face.


Theres a new Daniel Radcliffe site that I (Bri) have created! If you like this page you will deffinately like this one! The address is : (make sure to capitalize the 'm' in Main). Hope you check it out and send in some of the stuff and sign the geustbook!

The Second Review for COS
At first, the transformation that Radcliffe has undergone since the first film is a bit startling. He's taller, his voice is almost baritone, and his posture is more assured and... well, "adult" than before. Smartly, director Chris Columbus (whose non-Potter work I hate) uses this maturity to enhance the theme of the second book: that Potter is older now, no longer a Hogwarts newbie, but a seasoned (if still curious) wizarding student. Another director might have had Radcliffe play the part in one of two opposite extremes, as jaded, sullen teen or awkwardly bright-eyed neophyte. Both directions would have been wrong, and the Potter/Radcliffe/Columbus combination proves itself more startling natural than even the first film.

Commments? Questions?
As you know, this site is brand new and not all the way up-and-running. We need your help, therefore, to help get it started! Any suggestions you have or anything to send us it would help a lot. For example, send us what you would like to see on this page!

Questions, Suggestions or Comments? Send them here!

Daniel Radcliffe Page


Hidden Beauxbatons - The New Interactive Harry Potter Role Playing Site

*The Riddle House*

The 1st Chapter!
I have had many people tell me that they can't find where the 1st chapter is on this site! Well, I promise you. its there! We couldn't fit it under News and Fun so we had to put it under Contact us! just go to Contact Us and click on Chapter 1! thanx so much for understanding!

NOTE: This is not the REAL first chapter)

Also, be sure to check out the first review of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! And now the second! (See article above)

This picture above is one of the first official movie posters along with the individual move poster of Dan above.